The Big Day!

Be sure to mark Tuesday, February 18th, in your calendar. That's when "We See Stars," my new CD, will be released by Origin/OA2 Records. I'm really proud of the result; I think that the music is some of my very best, and it was captured beautifully by Bob Stark, our engineer/producer. I was incredibly lucky (and honored) to be able to feature the wonderful (and amazing) Bobby Shew and Dick Oatts on the CD. Just as special, I was able to persuade John Harmon, one of my teachers and a major influence on my composing, to come out and play. The results were beyond anything that I could have hoped for. Everyone - saxophonists Lynn Baker and Hashem Asadullahi, trumpeter Dana Heitman, trombonist Glenn Bonney, drummer Jason Palmer, bassist Andrea Niemic, and percussionist Mike Snyder - came ready to make some cool sounds, and they all did. You can use the links page to go to OA2's site and check out some samples of the CD, and then order it from them. I plan to make the sheet music available soon, so please check back to see when I manage to get that done. Thanks!

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