New Music!

Finally, some new tunes! Check out the "Music" and "Buy" pages for several new additions to the catalog. I've added 5 new charts, including another original and 4 arrangements. "Hummin'," "My Funny Valentine," "The Acme..." and "Every Day" were all recorded by the Lamont Jazz Orchestra, directed by Lynn Baker. They did a great job with the charts. "Manteca" was recorded by Swing Shift, the band I direct. Most of these would have to be considered a grade 4 in terms of difficulty, but a couple of them, "Manteca" and "Acme" in particular, are playable by good high school bands. The ranges are reasonable (D's and E flats in the lead tpt. part), the only double is soprano sax in the lead alto part and there aren't any extra musical demands for anyone. These charts have all been performed numerous times, and they always go over well. Bands enjoy the interesting and challenging parts, and audiences really love the final results. Listen to the sound clips and then pick up some new music for your next concert!

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