lots of writing in my future

Well, it looks as if there will be some sleepless nights in my near future. I've got to write 2 new pieces for Swing Shift's June concert, as well as arrange a blues by one of my former students. One new tune, "On the Downhill Side," is almost done. It's kind of a Mingus-y blues sort of thing, with some different textures. The next piece will attempt to combine the band with looping software written by our Ryan Chaney, our lead trombonist. As if that wasn't enough for one semester, A3 has the jazz pianist Deanna Witkowski and 3 members of Chamber Music Amici coming to perform on our Spring concert. It looks like I'll need to come up with something that will feature all of them with the A3 Group. Oh, and two of my students have a recital in May, and they are both composing things for me to play, which means I'll need to do some practicing, too. To work!

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