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A quick update on life for a teaching musician. First, there's a lot of teaching. Second, you try to cram in time to write/practice/do business/etc. Obviously, that doesn't leave as much time for keeping up with this webpage as I'd prefer. However, despite the crush of classes and grading, there is some new music in the pipeline. First, I've been adapting some light classical pieces for A3's production of "God," by Woody Allen. This has entailed me working in Logic for what seems like hours at a time. Next, I'm collaborating with Scott Crowell, one of our other teachers at A3, on a piece for spoken word and music. That will be premiered on April 30, along with a bunch of work by students poets and composers. Finally, I'm writing the music for one segment of A3's rewrite of "Abbey Road," which involves collaborating with one of our student dance majors. Busy, busy, busy!

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