Darmon Meader concert

The fun doesn't seem to end. Swing Shift had barely finished with Hubert Laws when the music for our next show arrived in the mail. We're presenting singer Darmon Meader (New York Voices) in concert on Sunday, the 22nd, and it should be a treat. We just rehearsed with him last night, and I can confirm that he is the real thing: a great singer who can improvise like a horn player (maybe because he is also an excellent saxophonist), a great arranger (most of the charts that we're playing are his) and a really nice guy. This promises to be a fun show. After Sunday the band gets to take a break for a little bit. We're going into the studio in May and then finishing out our concert season with Bobby Shew and Dick Oatts on June 15th. In the mean time, I have to write a new piece for Bobby and Dick, as well as arrange some things for my school group to play at graduation.

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