a little late, but...

Well, I'm late in posting this, but the two gigs in support of "We See Stars" were just fantastic! All of the musicians came loaded for bear, and played the music as if they had composed it. We had great crowds at both the Jazz Station in Eugene and the Blue Monk in Portland, managed to sell a few CDs, and in general tore up the joints. In fact, things were so much fun that we've been asked to reprise the show, so look for us to play this summer at Roaring Rapids Pizza, which is quickly getting a reputation for hosting some very adventurous jazz shows (George Colligan, Swing Shift, Joe Manis, etc.) Thanks again to: Paul Krueger, Steve Sharp, Glenn Bonney, Jessika Smith, Joe Manis, Adam Harris, Torrey Newhart, Dorian Crow, Mike Snyder and Don Elkington.

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